Standard Rates and Fees

Standard Training services include:

3-4 sessions per week of riding or driving (number of days depends on animal and weather conditions). Depending on your goal, training, and the age and ability of the horse, total training time will be different.  Training can be done for both riding and driving.  For more information please give us a call.

Standard Training Agreement

Board Services include:

Turnout when weather permits, stall in poor conditons, standard feeding is Purina Ultium and Hay, custom feeding can be accomodated.  Supplemants and extras provided by owner.  All boarded horses will be immunized and wormed regularly.


All horses will be immunized between March 15 and April 30 for eastern and western encephalomyelitis, tetanus, influenza (IN), rhinopneumonitis (IM), rabies, and West Nile Virus. Six months following the spring immunizations, each horse will receive an IN influenza booster, West Nile Virus booster, and IM rhinopneumonitis.  Immunizations will be done by a veterinarian contracted by Midwest Driving, LLC. and the cost will be paid by Owner to Midwest Driving Company. or the Owner may arrange for the Owner’s veterinarian to perform the immunizations with proof that they have been done within the specified dates.


All boarded horses will be wormed according to the schedule below, fees will be responsibility of owner.

January Pyrantel pamoate (double): Strongid
Oxibendazole: (Anthelcide EQ)
May Ivermectin (1.87%)
July Pyrantel pamoate
September Ivermectin (1.87%)
November Equimax

Lessons include:

Forty-five minute sessions in either riding or driving,  from beginner to experienced.

Standard Lesson Agreement

Standard Rates

Training With Board $800.00/Month
Training $500.00/Month
Ad-Hoc Training $40.00/Session
Board $500.00/Month
Board w/o Stall $400.00/Month
Lesson (Driving or Riding) $45.00/Session
Other Services (walking, exercising, handling, etc) $30.00/Hour or $15.00/Occasion