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Welcome to the Midwest Driving Company.  Our mission is to supply valuable driving training for equines and those who wish to drive them.Please view our Training Logs to get an idea of how we train horses to drive on a day to day basis. Summaries of daily training activity are recorded here for our clients.

Please check out our gallery for photos and videos of ourselves and our friends at competitions across the country and just for fun.

If you are interested in learning to drive, training your horse to drive and the growing sport of competitive driving please contact us for more information on how we may be able to help.

Jada Neubauer owns, operates and does all the training for Midwest Driving Company. She has been working with horses since she was very young and has been training horses to drive and competing in driving events since 2005.

Jada has competed in Combined Driving Events (CDE) at the Advanced level across the country. She continues to compete today.

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